Does it matter who prepares your 2009 tax returns?

The friendly folks in Kansas City thought they were in good hands when they hired a certain Carlos Income Tax Services to handle their tax returns.

That is until the Justice department got involved. Did you know that in the last 10 years the Justice department has obtained injunctions against 425 tax preparers and fraud promoters.

Their allegations? Unlawfully understate income tax liabilities by:

  • under-reporting income
  • inflating business expenses
  • claiming improper deductions for nondeductible personal expenses.
  • unlawfully advising customers to fabricate business income in order to maximize tax refunds

How can you protect yourself?

Hire a CPA to do your Suwanee Ga Tax Returns that knows the laws for Federal and Georgia State. Vern Free worked for the IRS for many years. He knows exactly what the IRS will and will not allow as a business write off. Why gamble with a friend of the family when you can have real world IRS experience working with you and representing you in your corner.

Vern Free offers a complimentary consultation to see how he may help your business on your filing of the 2009 tax returns. Contact him at 770-381-2580.

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